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Car Dentist and Wash FULL

Faz de conta

Boys and girls, come to repair these cars teeth and give them a wash. Vehicles don't have the exact same dental problems humans do, but they do get dirty, bugs stick to them, and teeth can crack or break from little collisions. These cars are waiting for a caring dentist and this game has all the tools to help you do a great job. If you want to see various vehicles' expressions during treatment and if you want to play a distinctive dentist game, come in now and learn to be a Car Dentist! Features of this game:==============* Fully unlocked version and no advertisements!* 6 patients to choose from, including a dump truck and police car!* Fun animations that kids are sure to enjoy!* Vehicles will make sounds, close their eyes, and flash headlights during treatment.* After fixing teeth, wash away the mud from the vehicles using the bubbly sponge and water hose.* Tons of cool sticker decorations to apply to teeth.* Save picture to your device to share with your friends!
How to play:=============* When you tap on a tool, the notepad will tell you what it is for. After you finish using it successfully, a check mark will appear on the notepad. When you see the check mark, you may move on to the next tool.* Decorate automobile’s smile by adding stickers to teeth.